By E.R.A. McCarthey

The Clinic

WPO Series Book 1

A terrifying vision of our future is predicted. The Clinic puts you in the perspective of helpless children as they suffer through horrifyingly twisted situations. The world has changed and the monsters that control it work together for their greater good.

By E.R.A. McCarthey

The Camp

WPO Series Book 2

An unforgettable world that absorbs the fears we all have and exposes the evil lurking behind them. This is a brutal glance at the appalling and horrendous obstacles every person governed by the WPO battles to survive The Greater Good. The Camp is more than a prison, it’s the systematic destruction of freedom.

Horrifyingly Possible Fiction

E.R.A. McCarthey

“I want to help people see the world around them with a different perspective – what the future repercussions of their actions will be. Choices made now can become something else entirely as they ripple outwards through society and into the future.”

E.R.A. McCarthey has spent the last year with nightmares. Twisted dreams of a chilling future that seems to gradually become reality. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she and her husband lost the business they had been building for eight years, like countless other small business owners across the world. With little work available and three children worried at home, she started to write down her dreams, hoping to ease the weight on her heart. She shared the first story and the concepts for others with her husband. He knew they had to get the stories out to the world. The words rang true to him and the disturbing tales seemed horrifyingly possible if we continue down our current path.

In the first novel of the WPO Series E.R.A. McCarthey creates an unforgettable world that absorbs the fears all children have and exposes the evil lurking behind them. This is a raw look at unbelievable and unspeakable circumstances that happen to children every day… 

A trip to The Clinic will never be the same.

The WPO Series

The Clinic

Children suffer the most terrifying situation… utter helplessness.

The Camp

Sometimes when you try your hardest… it is still not good enough.

The Compound

Nothing is so heartbreaking… as the injustices of old age.


Deep in our hearts… we’re waiting for the end of the world to come.


I am in awe of her. E.R.A. McCarthey is an outstanding author who not only thinks “outside the box”, but can render a reader stupefied from the very first chapter. ‘The Clinic’ in my opinion is a book deemed appropriate for anyone who dares to step outside their comfort zone and wants to experience profound feelings of pause, stupefaction, and utter gore. This book puts you in the shoes of a helpless child betrayed; instead of being wrapped in the security blanket of parenthood.

Isabella Bandore


Don’t let the name fool you. This book is intense and makes you stop and say WTF. Twists in the story make you wonder how twisted mankind really is. This book is horrifying because all the monsters are just people that believe in The Greater Good. The way E.R.A. McCarthey paints this story with words that make you look at the world in a different way.  I have never read anything so satisfyingly disturbing yet so spiritually pleasing. Every chapter is its own complete story that intertwines with the next and pulls together for an extraordinary climax! The Clinic is an incredible first part of the WPO Series and I can’t wait to find out what happens next…

Jay Martinez


I pure adrenalin ride! Moving from the mind of character to character you start to see this crazy world from different perspectives. Every time I thought I had figured it out the Author surprised me with more horrifying visuals. This Novel really makes you question if it’s really fiction… Powerful messages and conviction take you into a dark suspenseful tunnel of fear and hope. This world is not far fetched from the one we live in today. A must read for all thrill seekers.

James Miller

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